There is a trick to making your story work for your business. (Get answers in this FREE PDF download!)

Let’s Be Honest. Getting Our Stories Out There Isn’t Easy.

We all know the power of connection when we hear personal stories—we sit up, we take note, we listen. We can even tell when it’s done with excellence.

If you are serious about telling your story and reaching the right crowd, you’ve come to the right place.

Total Fusion Media is a team of motivated individuals who have seen the power of telling stories in changing lives and growing businesses. Now it’s your turn.


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Total Fusion was able to help Congo Missionaries: DR. TIM and CATHY RICE, to get funded in record time using the Total Fusion system of communication and connection with donors.

Hear their story in the above video.

Hear the Stories of our Clients

The success of Total Fusion Media depends on the combined efforts of our team and our clients. Our clients are like a big family. We help them tell their stories. Hear them.